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innovatingProducing new branches, usually from below inflorescence.
insertionLine of attachment of leaf.
involuteStrongly rolled upwards and inwards
isodiametricRadially symmetrical, as wide as long.
isophyllousStem and branch leaves similar.
julaceousCylindrical and worm-like in appearance because of the imbricate arrangement of leaves.
keeledSharply folded like the keel of a boat.
lacerateIrregularly lobed with deep incisions that look as if they were torn.
laciniateSlashed; similar to incised, but the cuts are sharply angled.
lamellaeFlat plates of cells.
laminaLeaf blade as distinct from leaf nerve.
lanateFine dense branched hairs
lanceolateLance-shaped, about three times as long as wide
laxOf cells, large with thin often bulging walls
lepidoseCracked appearance
lidOperculum, dehiscent top of capsule.
ligulateStrap-shaped, narrow and parallel-sided
limbUpper part of leaf when leaf is differentiated into basal and upper part.
linearLong, narrow and parallel-sided
lingulateTongue-shaped, broad and parallel-sided