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flabellateWide and ragged at the apex
flagelliformOf shoots, long and thin with small leaves.
floccoseCovered with tufts of soft hair
footBasal part of sporophyte embedded in gametophyte tissue.
fringedWith a shortly ciliate margin or edge.
fruitLoose term for sporophyte.
fugaciousReadily or quickly falling.
fulcateBarrel shaped
furrowedSunken veins
fusiformTapering at either end, spindle-shaped.
gametangiaAntheridia and archegonia.
gametophoreStructure or stem bearing gametangia.
gametophyteThe dominant, leafy, haploid stage of the moss life-cycle.
gemma(e)Vegetative propagule(s) borne on rhizoids, in leaf axils, on stem or leaf surfaces or on special structures.
gibbousWith one side larger than the other
glandularhairs with gland at apex
glaucousWith whitish, greyish or bluish bloom.
globoseSpherical in shape