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entireSmooth,not toothed or crenulate
epiphragmDiaphragm or plate of tissue, formed from top of the columella, at mouth of capsule, attached to ends of peristome teeth.
erectOf branches or stems, in a vertical position relative to stem or substrate. Of capsules, upright
erectOf leaves, parallel to but not pressed against stem
erecto-patentOf leaves, between erect and patent, at an angle of about 20-25 to stem
erodedWorn away.
eroseIrregularly notched.
even-pinnatewith two apical leaflets
excurrentProjecting beyond the end of the lamina.
exotheciumSuperficial layer of cells of capsule; adj., exothecial.
exsertedCarried well above perichaetial leaves.
falcateCurved like a sickle.
falcato-secundStrongly curved and pointing in one direction.
farinoseCovered with a meal-like powder or minute particles.
fascicleGroup, bunch or tuft of branches; adj., fasciculate.
fastigiateWith branches reaching same height.
fibrilFibre-like thickenings of walls of hyaline cells of Sphagnum; adj., fibrillose
filiformFine or thread-like.