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dendroidTree-like in habit or mode of branching.
dentateStrongly toothed, teeth usually composed of one or more cells
denticulateFinely toothed, teeth usually composed of only part of a cell projecting from margin
denudedEroded away.
depauperateSmall, stunted, poorly developed.
diaphanousColourless and transparent.
dichotomousRegularly forking, with divisions of
dimorphismHaving two states; adj., dimorphic.
dioeciousAntheridia and archegonia borne on separate plants
discoidOf gemmae, disc-shaped and thickest at centre.
distalEnd or portion distant from base or point of origin.
distichousIn two ranks, one on either side of stem
divergentSpreading away from.
dorsalOf leaves, back, under surface, abaxial side.
ellipsoidThree-dimensional equivalent of elliptical
ellipticalWith convex sides
emarginateWith small indentation at leaf apex
emergentCapsule partly emerging above perichaetial leaves.
ensiformLong, thin, pointed; sword-shaped