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cortexOuter layer or layers of cells of stem as opposed to central strand or cylinder.
corticolousGrowing on bark.
costaNerve; adj., costate.
crenateWith rounded teeth.
crenulateWith minute rounded teeth, usually formed from bulging cell walls
cribroseOf peristome teeth, with numerous perforations
crispateCurled or ruffled
crispedStrongly curled and twisted
cucufiateOf leaves, with margin at apex incurved to form hood-shaped tip, of calyptra, hood-shaped and split down one side
cuneateTapering to a sharp point. Similar to acute but with straight, not convex, sides.
cushionHemispherical plant formed by shoots radiating from a central point.
cuspidateWith a stout point, in leaves formed by thick excurrent nerve and in stem by imbricate, usually concave leaves
cygneousStrongly curved in upper part like swan's neck.
cylinderSee central strand.
deciduousFalling, being lost at maturity.
decumbentProstrate with ascending tips.
decurrentOf leaf base, running down stem forming wings
dehisceOpen by loss of lid or opening of valves; adj., dehiscent.
deltoidAbout the same length as width. Shaped like a triangle in which all sides are the same length.