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bulbilVegetative reproductive body, usually axillary, with apical projections or leaf primordia
bullateBlistered; inflated; puckered.
caducousReadily falling off.
caespitoseTufted, forming tufts.
calyptraStructure developed from the venter of the archegonium covering the young capsule and at least the lid of older capsules, falling or not as capsule matures.
camptodromeVeins running in parallel from base to tip
canescentcovered with gray or white soft hairs
capitulumHead composed of crowded branches at stem tip of Sphagnum.
capsuleThe spore-bearing structure of mosses usually differentiated into the theca or spore case and a basal sterile portion, the neck.
cartilaginousThick and tough, of border of incrassate elongated cells.
catenulateLike a miniature chain in appearance.
caudateWith a long and thin tip.
ceneContinuous range or series.
central strandColumn of small elongated cells, sometimes with thicker walls, running through centre of stem.
cernuousDrooping at an angle intermediate between horizontal and vertically downwards
channelledWith a groove formed by upturned margins.
chlorophylloseWith chloroplasts.
ciliate Hair-like structures on leaf margins or alternating with the processes of the inner peristome; adj., ciliate.
circinateVery strongly curved and forming a circle