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ternatePinnately trifoliate
terrestrialGrowing on soil, or more loosely in a non-aquatic habitat.
tesselateWith a checkered or tiled pattern
tetradGroup of four spores derived from a single spore mother cell.
thalloidComposed of a flat plate of tissue.
thecaUrn; spore-producing part of capsule.
tomentoseWith a felt of abundant long rhizoids.
trapeziformShaped like a trapezium.
trapezoidShaped like a trapezium.
trifariousIn three ranks.
tripinnatetrice pinnately branched
triradiateWith a three-pronged scar, characteristic of spores of land plants.
truncateCut-off; ending abruptly.
tubularOf leaves, with margins inrolled and overlapping to form a tube.
tuftClump of erect shoots.
turfGrowth form of erect but not crowded shoots.
unequalWhere the leaf bases on each side of the stalk are not symmetrical