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sporophyteThe diploid generation of a moss, consisting of foot, seta and capsule, epiphytic upon the haploid generation.
spreadingMore or less at right angles to stem
squarroseUpper part of leaf strongly curved back at an angle of 90 or more from the lower part of leaf
stegocarpousHaving a lid, dehiscent.
stereids, steroid cellsLong, slender, very thick-walled, fibre-like cells occurring in the nerve of the leaves of some mosses.
sterileTechnically, without gametangia, but used more loosely to indicate absence of capsules.
stoloniformStems arching and rooting at points touching substrate, analogous to the stolons of higher plants.
stomataPore(s) surrounded by two guard cells; stomata usually occur at neck and sometimes elsewhere on capsule.
striaeSmall lines or ridges; adj., striate.
strigoseHaving stiff, straight, closely appressed hair
strumaSwelling at base of neck ; adj., strumose.
subulaNeedle-like point ;adj.,subulate
sulcateWith longitudinal folds.
superficialOf stomata, in the same plane as the surface of the epidermis
sympodialMain stem of limited growth, further development by branches.
synoeciousWith antheridia and archegonia mixed in same inflorescence
teethDivisions of the peristome; serrations of leaf margin.
tereteRounded in transverse section.