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secundPointing in one direction.
septateOf Sphagnum hyaline cells, having partitions or septa within cell. Estimates of the percentage of septate cells are based on regarding two hyaline cells not separated by a green cell as one cell.
seriateIn rows.
sericeousDense fine hairs in rows
serrateRegularly toothed (like a saw) with teeth composed of one or more cells.
serrulateMinutely regularly toothed (like a saw), with teeth composed of part of a cell
sessileWithout a stalk or seta.
setaStalk of capsule.
sheathingSurrounding or partly surrounding.
shoulderDistal portion of basal part of leaf where leaf narrows abruptly.
sinistroseSinistrally spiralling, i.e. turning or spiralling to the left.
sinuatewavy but not toothed with projecting cell walls.
sinuoseOf cells, with wavy walls.
spathulateSpatula-shaped, narrow below, broad above
spinoseWith sharply pointed teeth.
spinose-lacerateIrregularly lobed with deep incisions that look as if they were torn and ending in spines
spinose-serrateRegularly toothed and ending in spines
spinuloseWith minute sharply pointed teeth.