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repandHaving a somewhat wavy margin
resorbedEroded parts of cell walls of Sphagnum; resorption, erosion of cell walls of Sphagnum; resorption furrow, furrow formed by erosion of cell walls at margin of leaves of some species of Sphagnum
reticulateResembling or forming a net or network.
retort cellCortical cells in some Sphagnum species ending in a projection with a pore .
retuseBroad apex with a slight indentation.
revoluteStrongly rolled backwards or under
rhizoidsUniseriate branched structures occurring on stem and sometimes old leaves, sometimes anchoring plant to substrate.
rhizomatousHaving horizontal underground stems analogous with rhizome of higher plants.
rhomboidalnarrowly diamond-shaped
ribbedWhere the main veins form prominent ridges
ringedOf Sphagnum pores, pore surrounded by fibril ring.
rostehateWith short beak
rostrateWith long beak
roundedWith a spherical tip
rugoseWith irregular transverse undulations.
runcinateragged sides
sagittateHaving the shape of an arrowhead.
saxicolousGrowing on rock.
scariousThin and papery in texture.