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prominentVeins projecting above the surface of a leaf
prosenchymatousCells with pointed ends running in same direction as main axis.
protonemaFilamentous or rarely thalloid structure produced after spore germination and from which the gametophyte shoots develop.
proximalEnd or part nearest base or point of origin.
pseudoparaphyllia Small, leaf-like structures surrounding branch primordia and found at the bases of young branches
pseudopodiumLeafless prolongation of stem bearing gemmae; elongated stalk of archegonium pushing capsule beyond perichaetial leaves in Andreaea and Sphagnum.
puberulousSparse short hairs
pubescentDense short hairs
punctateHaving tiny spots, points, or depressions.
pustulateCovered with pustules.
quadrateWith four sides of equal length; square
quinquefariousIn five ranks.
radiculoseWith numerous, conspicuous rhizoids.
rectangularAbout twice as long as wide
recurvedCurved down and backwards
reflexedBent back.
reniformShaped like a kidney