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peltateDisclike hairs
perichaetiumStructure usually composed of modified or perichaetial leaves, containing the archegonia, female inflorescence.
perigoniumStructure usually composed of modified or perigonial leaves containing the antheridia,male inflorescence.
peristomeThe single or double ring of teeth at mouth of capsule revealed after dehiscence. In general with a double peristome (Diplolepideae) the inner peristome is homologous with the single peristome of the genera in the Haplolepideae.
persistentNot falling or deciduous.
photosyntheticContaining chlorophyll and carrying out carbon assimilation.
phyllotaxySpiral arrangement of leaves on stem, e.g.phyllotaxy=5 1eaves occupy 2 complete turns of the spiral.
piloseFinely hairy
pinnateWith spreading branches produced regularly on either side of stem.
pinnatifidDivided or cleft in a pinnate fashion.
pinnatisectDivided pinnately nearly to the midrib.
pleurocarpousMosses with monopodial main stem and inflorescences produced on short lateral branches or branchlets.
plicaeLongitudinal folds or ridges; adj., plicate.
plumoseRegularly pinnate and feathery in appearance.
poreOpening or pit in cell wall; in hyaline cells of Sphagnum, openings to the exterior; adj., porose
praemorseRagged tip
processesThe thin teeth of the inner peristome (endostome) alternating with the outer peristome (exostome) in mosses with a double peristome