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oppressedPressed against stem.
orbicularcircular in outline
ovalResembling an ellipse in shape; elliptical.
ovateEgg-shaped in outline and widest below middle, about twice as long as wide
ovoidThree-dimensional shape about twice as long as wide, egg-shaped
paleaceousDensely hairy
palmatePalm-shaped; with several lobes from a single point.
pannoseSimilar in texture or appearance to felt or woolen cloth.
papillaSolid projection from cell surface; adj. papillose
parallelVeins running in parallel with each other
paraphylliaSmall, leaf-like or variously divided structures on stem between the leaves
paraphysesUnisteriate, hair-like structures mixed with the antheridia and archegonia.
parenchymatousHexagonal cells with upper and lower ends at right-angles to main axis and with walls of uniform thickness.
paroeciousHaving the antheridia naked in the axils of leaves immediately beneath the perichaetium
partedCleft almost to the base, so as to have distinct divisions or lobes.
patentAt angle to the stem of roughly 45
pectinateHaving projections resembling the teeth of a comb; comblike.
pedateHaving palmately divided lobes with the lateral lobes cleft or divided
pellucidTranslucent, clear.