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muricateCovered with many short spines.
muticousLacking a point or hair-point.
nFunctionally haploid chromosome number, as opposed to x, the basic chromosome number; where a number such as n = 10+I is given, +I indicates presence of an m-chromosome.
neckOf capsule, the sterile portion between base of theca and top of seta; of retort cell, projection with pore from surface of cell.
nerveMidrib or costa of leaf.
noduloseOf cilia, with knob-like thickenings
obconicalInverted cone-shaped.
obcordateHeart-shaped at apex
oblanceolateLance-shaped but broadest above the middle and tapering toward the base
obliqueHaving sides of unequal length or form
obloidThree-dimensional equivalent of oblong, but with reference to capsules, with rounded edges and corners
oblongRectangular, but with reference to leaves, with rounded corners
obovateEgg-shaped in outline and widest above middle.
obscureIndistinct, difficult to see. obsolete Almost lacking.
obtuseBluntly pointed, angle at apex more than 90; more loosely, blunt
ochreaCylinder of thin tissue surmounting vaginula.
odd-pinnateWith a single apical leaflet
opaqueNot transparent or translucent.
operculumLid of capsule; adj., operculate.
oppositeBorne across from one another at the same node; paired.