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lobedIncisions that do not extend deeper than halfway between the margin and the center of the blade
lumenCell cavity.
lunateHalf-moon shaped
lustrousGlossy, shiny, reflecting light
m-chromosomeMinute chromosome usually one-tenth or less the size of other chromosomes of the complement, sometimes but not necessarily homologous with accessory chromosome, abbreviated to +1,+2, etc., where chromosome numbers are given.
macronemataLarge rhizoids produced round branch primordia and leaf axils.
mamilla(e)Protuberance(s) from cell surface into which cell lumen projects , in surface view indistinguishable from papillae; adj. mamillose.
mamillateOf cells with mamillae; of lid, convex with short point
membrane gapIrregular openings in walls of hyaline cells of stem leaves of Sphagnum.
micrometre(um) One-millionth of a metre, one-thousandth of a millimetre; referred to colloquially as micron or mu.
micronemataSmall, sparsely branched rhizoids produced on stem between leaves.
mid-leafPosition approximately halfway up leaf and midway between margin and nerve or equivalent position if nerve is lacking.
mitriformConical and symmetrical with two or more slits
monoeciousHaving antheridia and archegonia on same plant.
monopodialMain stem of unlimited growth with inflorescences lateral.
morphologyGeneral appearance or structure; adj., morphological.
mucroShort broad projection from leaf apex; adj., mucronate.
mucronulateHaving, or tipped with, a small point or points.