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archegoniumFlask-shaped structure containing the female gamete, consisting of a swollen basal part or venter surrounding the egg cell, and tubular upper part or neck.
arcuateOf capsule,curved like a bow
areolationThe form and arrangement of the cells (of a leaf).
aristaA fine bristle-like point; adj.,aristate
articulateJointed, usually with reference to the transverse lines on peristome teeth
ascendingGrowing upwards, often from an older procumbent part.
attenuateGradually tapering to a slender point
auricleEnlarged or differentiated cells at basal angles of leaf forming lobe or distinctive group of cells; adj.,auriculate
auriculateA base with rounded projections that have a concave inner margin.
autoeciousHaving antheridia and archegonia born in separate inflorescences on the same plant
axilAngle between leaf base and stem; adj.,axillary.
beakProjection from lid of capsule.
bidentateWith teeth in pairs
bifidDivided into two segments or parts.
bifid T-shaped hairsWith hairs divided into two segments
biflagellateWith two flagella.
bipinnateTwice pinnately branched.
biserrateWith serrate teeth along the margins of other, larger serrate teeth.
bistratoseTwo cells thick.
bulbiformBulb-like; with imbricate radical leaves forming bulb-like plant.