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abruptly acuteComing to a point abruptly, with angle at leaf tip less than 90 degrees
acicularSlender, narrow and cylindrical, with a pungent point as in conifers
acrocarpousMain stem usually erect, of limited growth, terminating in an inflorescence, further growth continued by branches or innovations.
acumenLongly tapering narrow point; adj., acuminate.
acutePointed, with angle at leaf tip less than 90 degrees
alar cellsCells at basal angles of leaf.
alternateLeaves arranged alternately along the stem
amphitheciumOuter tissue of embryo giving rise to the outer layers and spore sac of the Sphagnopsida, to the outer layers only in the Andreaeopsida and Bryopsida.
anastomosingThe repeated division of veins into branches
angular cellsCells at basal angles of leaf.
angulateAngled edge of leaf
annulusRing or rings of cells at mouth of capsule associated with dehiscence of lid; adj., annular.
antheridiumGlobose to fusiform or shortly cylindrical structure containing the antherozoids.
antherozoidThe biflagellate male gamete of bryophytes.
anthocyaninReddish pigment.
apiculusSmall abrupt projection at apex; adj.,apiculate
apophysisEnlarged sterile basal portion of capsule
appendiculateOf cilia, with transverse bars